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Please complete the form to request for a user account. Kindly note that it will take 7 working days to process the creation of user account.

Important: If you are from A*STAR, NTU, NUS, SUTD, TCOMS, SMU, SIT, SP, TP or RP, you may skip this form and proceed to New User Enrolment.

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Collaboration with Stakeholders (A*STAR, NTU, NUS, SUTD)

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For creation of a user account for an external collaborator (i.e., not part of the stakeholder organisations), we will need an endorsement from either the project owner or the principal investigator (PI) of an existing NSCC project.

The project owner/PI will act as the sponsor for the created account and be responsible for the account created. Your account must be added to at least one ongoing project that belongs to the sponsor.

Please provide the following information for your account sponsor:

Please upload the endorsement email from your PI with the following acknowledgements

  1. To act as the sponsor for the creation of your account.
  2. To add you to their project, specifying the project ID.

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